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Drew McAdam is Scotland's foremost mentalist, and an 'Edinburgh Evening  News' theatre critic.  Find him on YouTube  and Facebook

Who was Walford Bodie? A great achiever? Or a chess-master? The world's greatest showman? Or simply the most gregarious? Should we love him? Or loathe him? Did we ever get to know the man behind the magic?
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'Doctor in Drag' is the true story of 'Doctor' Walford Bodie, the great Scottish showman, hypnotist, mentalist, ventriloquist, electrical wizard, innovator, and 'healer.'

The inventor of stage hypnosis, as we know it today. One of the world's greatest ventriloquists. The world's highest paid entertainer throughout the Edwardian decade.

In 1904, 'The Rage of London.'             In 1905, a 'Freeman' of  the great city of London (the first of his kind). The Elvis Presley of his day. A 'sedulous  artiste.' An ardent womanizer.

The man who 'made' Harry Lauder, was imitated on stage by Charlie Chaplin, and became a great
of Harry Houdini. The public loved him. So too, did royalty.
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Yet the Medicos hated him. They branded him 'Merry Devil.' Why did they riot, affray, burn his effigy, march in their hundreds, and bitterly label him a 'Doctor in Drag'?

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